Wraparound Care

Our Wraparound provision provides before and after school care managed by the Local Governing Body for children who attend Our Lady & St Hubert's Catholic Primary School.

It is staffed by trusted Our Lady & St Hubert's staff who have been suitably vetted and are employed to care for the children. The service is managed by Mrs. L. Redford who can be contacted through the school office.

The club operates during term-time only from 7.30am until 8.50am and from 3.30pm until 6pm.  It can be used flexibly; by parents who need to use it regularly because of working commitments or occasionally according to family needs. Parents need to fill in an initial form to register their children and then book and pay for the sessions they require through SchoolComms.

Fees and Procedures

Breakfast Club Fees

From 7.30am - £7

From 8.00am - £4.50

After School Club Fees

Up until 4.30pm - £4.75

Up until 5.30pm - £8.00

Up until 6.00pm - £10.00

Fees can be paid daily as the service is used, weekly or, if paying using a voucher scheme, monthly. For payments other than voucher schemes, Schoolcomms is the method of payment.

Collecting children:
Please ensure a member of Wraparound staff is always informed when you or your representative collects your child from the club.

Please make sure staff are informed in advance if a different adult is to collect your child.

Unavoidable delays:
Children should be collected by 6pm. Please inform school if you are due to be late.  If parents have not arrived by 6pm,15 minutes will be allowed for traffic delays and then the staff on duty will use emergency contact telephone numbers.


Outdoor Activities

In good weather, a variety of outdoor games are offered to the children. Extensive equipment is stored in a dedicated store alongside the playground. The children enjoy a wide range of activities including football, skipping, cycling, frisbees and ball play.

Indoor Activities

The hall is “partitioned” to give safe areas for the children to play where activities include board games, model making, drawing, sport games and dressing up.


Children are offered a drink and biscuit/healthy snack or a piece of fruit during the session. Parents can provide a more substantial snack/small packed lunch if children are attending a full session.


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