St. Hubert's holds many awards for its achievements. Here are a few of them:

We are very proud to have had our ICT Mark renewed in Spring 2012. The assessor was very impressed with the excellent provision for ICT, the commitment and excellence of the Technobuddies and the enthusiasm of the pupils. Bernadette Brooks, Naace General Manager, said St. Hubert's thoroughly deserve the accolade of an ICT Mark accreditation. They clearly demonstrate how important it is to take a whole school approach to using ICT in schools. We look forward to working with St. Hubert's to demonstrate how ICT can have a substantial impact on learner outcomes in the future.



St Hubert's is part of the Get Set network because of its commitment to the Olympic Values. During 2012, the school will be looking to propmote Olympic Values in school and participate in a range of activities linked with Olympic and Paralympic events and values.





The International School Award is given in recognition of the high quality partnership between our school and St. Stephen's in India.





The ASC Award 'Creating the Future'is given for our efforts in working for sustainable communities.







The Leading Aspect Award is awarded for sustainable development work.





This is the Rights Respecting Schools Award Level 1 won for providing a curriculum and environment that promotes understanding of rights and responsibilities issues.





Basic Skills Quality Mark 3 for high standards of teaching in Maths, Literacy and ICT.







Activemark Gold for the high quality of PE within and beyond the Curriculum.







Artsmark Gold for the breadth and quality of arts provision within and beyond curriculum time.






Healthy School Platinum award for excellence in areas such as healthy eating, physical activity, citizenship, personal safety and well-being.





Charter for sustainable development reflecting the school's commitment to the environment and our work with the eco-buddies. St. Hubert's also holds and eco-schools silver award.



Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Award received by our Buddies for anti-bullying work at playtimes and in training other schools to introduce peer mediation.






Naace mark for excellence in all areas of ICT. St. Hubert's is also a leading school for ICT registered on the ICT register of invited schools.





Teaching awards winner: Christine Finnegan, the school's ICT coordinator, won the Training and Development Agency Award for Outstanding New Teacher 2005. The Distinction was won in 2007 for quality of sustainable developments work.




Tipton's Environmental Schools Champion was awarded to our site manager, David Dyke, for his commitment to the environment and the work he does in school to promote environmental issues to pupils.