Our 6C's Curriculum


To succeed in the 21st century we understand that the children need to be taught, and have time to develop, a different set of skills that is often not catered for in the National Curriculum.  We have adapted our curriculum to centre around the 6Cs of 21st Century learning, which are; creativity, character, citizenship, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.  We are teaching children to persevere and have that grit and tenacity not to give up; supporting children to welcome failures, not as set backs, but opportunities to learn; we are encouraging them to think critically and challenge the world around them- and then play an active role within it.  By teaching these skills, we believe that we are providing children with a more rounded school experience, focused on their lives and the world they live in. 

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Project Based Learning

At Our Lady and St Hubert’s, we have adopted Project Based Learning as our approach to teaching the broad curriculum.  Through this, our pupils acquire knowledge and skills by investigating, exploring and responding to an engaging real-life problem.  It promotes active and engaged learning, where pupils are inspired to gain a deeper understanding of the subjects they’re studying. Each project has an end product which is meaningful and purposeful to them, as it is often shaped by the children themselves. Teachers then plan a series of lessons that build up to this ‘final outcome’ before it is shared with a chosen audience.  Our projects combine different subject areas together, including Sign Language as our nominated language. This helps the children to see relevance in their learning and provides opportunities for them to use and apply the knowledge they are gaining in a variety of contexts. 


Core subjects are comprehensively planned plus broader subjects have a 'Learning Ladder' further detailing the link between the 6C's, subject and year group teaching. Here are some example policies and ladders:


The curriculum and enrichment opportunities also cover all areas of the Every Child Matters agenda ensuring the children learn about how to stay safe (including protecting them from the dangers of violent extremism and from the risk of child sexual exploitation), be healthy, enjoy and achieve, economic well-being and make a positive contribution. Our curriculum also prepares children for life as British citizens and promotes British values such as respect for the law, democracy, equality and tolerance and respect of all faiths and other beliefs. It is not possible to opt out of any part of this because of sensitivity to local culture and beliefs. Our full range of R.E. policies can be found by accessing the R.E. tab on this website. 


Family Life and Sex and Relationships Education

Special Needs and Inclusion

Read about our SEND Information/Local Offer on our Policies page.

You can also read more about how we promote and support Inclusion in the document below:


If parents or other members of the public wish to find out more about the curriculum, then please do not hesitate to get in contact by emailing: office@st-huberts.sandwell.sch.uk We will be more than happy to share with you a complete overview and answer any questions.