Family Life and Sex and Relationships Education



There is a planned scheme of the teaching of Family Life and Sex and Relationships Education throughout the school. School staff also use opportunities that arise naturally, and questions are answered as appropriate.

In Year 4 there is an optional puberty talk for girls whose parents opt in. In Years 5 and 6 a Personal, Social, Moral and Emotional development Education programme based on the Diocesan programme,’ All That I Am’, is taught incorporating teaching on puberty, conception and birth.


As in other areas of the curriculum, the position of British law is taught in all matters, but on some issues Catholic differences will be stressed. Religious views on matters of public concern will be considered, particularly in relation to social teaching, as part of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social, vocational and cultural education.


Parents are given the opportunity to view the videos used and ask questions before the teaching programme begins. The right to withdraw from this programme is from RE part only.


The Family Life Policy was revised in full consultation with the Diocese, Governors, Parents and Staff in March 2000 and updated in 2002/03. It is reviewed and updated annually.