Fundraising is an important part of our Christian work. Members of our school community have a tradition of being very generous in their support of the different charities we adopt each year. We support a range of charities throughout the year and will be updating the scheduled initiatives on the welcome page.

Care for the World initiative.

Welcome to our most recent charity initiative:

Hello! We are Year 4 and we want to make the world a better place. We will do this by helping our community and helping those in need. 

We will be working with Brushstrokes to collect:

- Shoes

- T-Shirts

- Cutlery 

- Crockery

- Kitchen essentials.

- Shorts

- Summer clothes

and sports shoes, so that we can help the homeless and vulnerable in our community who need basic clothes and home starter kits. 

We are doing this because we want those in need to smile and we want to help fix issues in the world. God wants us all to be happy and we can help! 

If you want to support us, please collect any of the important items from our list, bring them to the school office or give them to Year 4, so they can put them in their collection box. 

Thank you so much for supporting us and our charity initiative,

Lots of love and care from pupils in Y4.

Zaina, Tanisha, Ymahni, Erin, Mani, Frankie, Keith, Kerting, Ella, William and Alyssa.  

Previous Initiatives

Our Christmas Advent Charity Initiative: 

As we prepared for Christmas, instead of opening a door on an Advent calendar and eating a chocolate, this year, we did active service towards those who are in need. We arranged visits to spend time with the lonely, serve the needy and provide for the homeless. We updated our Advent Calendar everyday with images of our service for others to see. During Advent, instead of saying, 'I WANT'... we said, 'I GIVE' and felt the warmth from helping others. Jesus gave us the biggest gift by giving up his life, so we followed his example and gave up our time for others during Advent. 

Fundraising Feedback...
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