Our Lady and St. Hubert's is part of the Catherine of Siena multi academy. As a result, we have MAC board of directors and a localised school academy committee. 


Our academy committee consists: 


  • Parents of children who attend the school (parent representatives)

  • Staff of the school (teacher and support staff representatives)

  • People appointed from the parish community (foundation representatives)

  • People appointed by the local council (LA representatives)


All of whom have the best interests of the school at heart and give a great deal of time in support of Our Lady & St. Hubert's School.


Who are our Governors?

Our Lady & St. Hubert’s Academy Committee

Foundation Governors                  Appointed                    Parent Members   Appointed

Mr Juan Doblado Pavon * (Chair)     2019 Chair                    Mr Roderick Jones                           2015

Mrs Susan Houghton                          2018                              Mrs Terri Steele (Vice Chair)           2016

Mrs Sarah Thompson*                       2015 

Mrs Ly Tran                                           2015

Mrs Pamela Shepherd                        2015

Mr Juan Doblado Pavon                     2015   

Father Roger Peck                               2016

School Governors