Our Lady and St. Hubert's (OLSH) is an Ofsted Outstanding school which inspires children to achieve excellent academic success through innovative and creative approaches to learning. We believe that every child is unique with God-given talents and it is our mission to provide children with an irresistible culture for learning through our 6C's Curriculum. We are fortunate to have an exceptional staff team here at OLSH and truly inspirational children. Team this with our strong church community and the unwavering support of parents, and we have an incredible journey of success ahead.


We believe that every child is unique with many God-given gifts and talents. We aim therefore, to give all our children a broad, exciting and challenging curriculum so that they discover and develop their abilities in their time at OLSH. As a result of our strong academic track record and innovative approaches to learning in Grammar, English and Singapore Maths, OLSH has been given the opportunity to establish the St. Hubert's Partners in Excellence Teaching Alliance (SHAPE). We welcome applications to Train to Teach with us. 

As a Catholic leader, I am dedicated to celebrating the successes of our children in all areas of school and community life, promoting all aspects of Catholic Social Teaching. I feel privileged to be working with your child each day - showing them that I believe in them, respect them, will invest in their unique ideas. I am exceptionally proud of each and every child here at OLSH. 

I can assure you of my commitment and dedication to our faith, your child’s education and our incredible school. 

Mr. Anthony Brown


Principals Welcome