We are Engineers

In our ‘We are Engineers’ theme, children will use skills of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) to solve problems and create products. All children will be given a design brief to follow in order to create their own products – they will then explore the ’design, make, evaluate process’ to create their products. Some children will have the opportunity to combine their products with elements of computing to develop 21st century products.

Catholic Social Teaching

Dignity of work and Human Dignity

Children will deepen their understanding that work is an intrinsic good, and workers must always be respected and valued. They will explore the dignity in work in different vehicle sectors and develop their understanding that we are co-creators of Gods world and work is part of our contribution. They will explore the God given gifts and talents shared with workers within different transport sectors and link this to the vocation of others. They will investigate the lives of inventors and think about how they have used their God given gifts and talents for the common good.

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