The Head Boy and Head Girl Council Welcome you to our school.

Hello, we are your Head Council for this exciting school year. We would like to give you a warm welcome to our amazing school.


As we strive to follow in God's footsteps, we try to be good citizens - citizens who can think and care about our community, global issues, the world and the environment. A few ways we will strive to be good citizens are: our attitude towards learning, showing great manners, in our excellent behaviour and in how we treat each other. We will try to follow our virtues and values in school - which is one of the many reasons why we are an outstanding school and a loving family. 


We continue to choose to focus active service on specific charities and people in need. Our Christmas Charity appeal letter is attached here - Christmas Charity letter - We look forward to serving various charities across the year. 

To help our school, we will try to do our very best and find success and happiness in everything, by knowing that God is with us in all we do. We are certain that this year will be the best it has ever been by doing activities which can involve everyone equally. We guarantee that this school is absolutely phenomenal and it is a pleasure to be a part of this wonderful family. 

We look forward to serving you this year and working towards a bright future. 

The Head Council

School Council

Our School Council is made up of pupils voted by their classmates and led by Miss McGuinness. Each class votes for two class members to be their representative and take issues from their classes and School Council Ideas boxes to the monthly meeting. The School Council also give ideas, feedback and advice to the teachers and the Headteacher. 

The  Head Boy, Girl and their deputies attended the Father Hudson's Good Shepherd Mass at St Chad's Cathedral on Tuesday 24th May, presenting our school's offering of nearly £200.


Bupils play a key role in shaping life at OLSH. Ways in which they can participate include:


  • Friendship Buddies - The buddies are specially trained by Mrs Channa to help resolve playground disputes, to look after children who are lonely and to work to try and stamp out bullying.

  • Ecobuddies - The eco-buddies work with Mr Mullan to make sure we are an eco-school caring for the environment. They help develop the school site and to keep it tidy. 

  • Techno Buddies - The technobuddies help Mr Spencer and the other staff to manage the laptops and iPads, keep ICT areas tidy and to advise staff and pupils on using ICT. They will support in assemblies with managing the laptop for presentations and StageMaster for music and lighting.

  • Library Council - These pupils work with Mrs Downing and Mrs Handy to manage the library and to advise on new books.

  • Health and Safety Buddies - These people help staff and Mr Cox keep people safe by checking doors are shut, things are picked up off the floor and looking out for hazards.

  • Liturgy Leaders - These people work closely with Miss Gibbs to help with prayers in class and ensure prayer bags go out. 

Welcome to our School!