End of Year Awards - July 2022

McNally Award

Awarded to Year 6 children - for contributing to the catholic ethos of our school

Kerting Harvey
Evie Ellie-Mae

Cerisa James Memorial Award

For attendance, good effort, punctuality, good behaviour and regular homework

RSH Oliver Chikaima
ROL Jai Esme
1SH Oscar Molly
1OL Keiran Fatima
2SH Sebastian Dolly
2OL Fiire Mmesoma
3SH Christian Chidumam
3OL Theo Pola
4SH Daniel M Lola
4OL Lucian Avneet
5SH Jason Amelia N
5OL Jovan Sophia
6SH Freddie Erin P
6OL Oscar L Angelica Turner

6Cs Award

RSH Grace Collaboration Grace is a fantastic team member! She has some brilliant ideas which she shares with a group and demonstrates great leadership skills. But Grace also listens attentively to her peers and works well as part of a team to explore their ideas too!
ROL Sarah Citenzenship For being a kind and caring person to her peers. She will always offer to help others and is there to help and support them when needed.
1SH Afsana Communication For showing a great amount of resilience and growth within her communication and becoming more comfortable to share her knowledge and ideas with others.
1OL Harvun Communication For showing a great amount of resilience and growth within his communication and becoming more comfortable to share his knowledge and ideas with others.
2SH Fateh Character For being such a reliable and resilient member of the class and always completing his work to the best of his ability.
2OL Freddie Creativity For always thinking outside of the box to find solutions to problems in lessons and within the wider community.
3SH Emmie Collaboration Emmie is a great team member! She is always actively involved when working with others. She has demonstartated good leadership skills but also listens to those around her which enables great progression for her team.
3OL Aibhlinn Character For being a fantastic role model to the rest of the class. She Always displays fantastic behaviour and always tries her best in everything she does.
4SH Sophia Character For always giving her best, whether designing and making in DT and art, or writing in English, Sophia has demonstarted the highest levels of effort and attainment.
4OL Isabella Communication This year Isabella has been a shining example of an excellent communicator. She has made considered choices of her language and presentation style in her pieces of writing throughout the year, highlighting her understanding of information. Isabella has also utilised her communication skills when working in groups to convey her ideas as well as listen to others.
5SH Amelie Communication Amelie has communicated with everyone she has worked with this year phenomenally. She carefully listens to others ideas, picks out the best idea and ensures everyone is treated equally. Her brilliant communication skills have resulted in super paired and group work being completed.
5OL Aaron Creativity This year Aaron has shown a wonderful ability to work both independently and interdependently to solve a variety of real world problems. He is able to consider other peoples points of view and generate his own logical ideas and solutions.
6SH Ella Character For always putting in 100% effort in all areas and being an excellent role-model for everyone. Ella shows resilience and determination, especially when she finds things difficult.
6OL Ymahni Character For being a phenomenal role model in class all year: listening to everything, working hard to improve everything, asking questions and supporting the friends around her - a superb effort and thoroughly deserved!
Emmaus CMAC
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