Local Governing Body


Our Lady and St. Hubert's is part of Emmaus Catholic Multi Academy Company. As a result, we have a MAC board of directors and a local governing body. 

Our local governing body consists of: 

  • Parents of children who attend the school (parent representatives)
  • Staff of the school (teacher and support staff representatives)
  • People appointed from the parish community (foundation representatives)

All of whom have the best interests of the school at heart and give a great deal of time in support of Our Lady & St. Hubert's School.

The Local Governing Board will: oversee the implementation of the Directors’ strategy, policy and procedures; monitor the effectiveness of the management in running the academy in accordance with the Directors’ strategy, policy and procedures; and report on the impact of the Directors’ strategic framework on the quality of provision, performance and standards of the academy.

The Chair of Our Lady and St. Hubert's is Mr Juan Doblado Pavon

Overall purpose of the committee

  • Provide the assurance that the strategy and policies of the Board of Directors’ are implemented at a local level in the academy.
  • Provide a strong monitoring, evaluation and reporting framework, so the education provided by the academy meets the needs of children in its care.
  • Enable the academy to be accountable for building a strong, Catholic collaborative learning community, rooted in the teachings of Christ and his Church and the values of the Gospel, by ensuring the school form good relationships and effective communication with all stakeholders that benefit the children’s learning, formation, attainment and progress.
  • Make recommendations to the Board of Directors and to other committees as necessary and appropriate.


Our Lady & St. Hubert's Local Governing Body

Governors Type of Representative Role/Responsibility Appointed Term of Office (Until) Attendance 2020-21 Contact Email
Mrs Susan Houghton (Vice Chair) Foundation Well Being/Phase 1 Governor Sept 2018 Sept 2022 85% susan.houghton@st-huberts.sandwell.sch.uk
Mr Juan Doblado Pavon (Chair) Foundation Health and Safety/SEND/RE Governor June 2019 June 2023 85% juan.dobladopavon@st-huberts.sandwell.sch.uk
Mrs Ly Tran Foundation Curriculum/RE Governor April 2019 April 2023 85% ly.tran@st-huberts.sandwell.sch.uk
Mrs Pamela Shepherd Foundation Safeguarding/Child Protection/LAC/EYFS Governor June 2019 June 2023 100% pamela.shepherd@st-huberts.sandwell.sch.uk
Mr Anthony Onyeogo Foundation Health and Safety Jan 2020 Jan 2024 50% anthony.onyeogo@st-huberts.sandwell.sch.uk
Ms O'Beirne Principal - Jan2021 - 100% office@st-huberts.sandwell.sch.uk

Declaration of Business Interest

It is the policy of Our Lady and St. Hubert's Catholic Primary School that Governors and staff not only act impartially, but are also seen to act impartially.

The local governing body and school staff have a responsibility to avoid any conflict between their business and personal interests and affairs and those of the school. There is a legal duty on all our governors to declare an interest likely to lead to questions of bias when considering any item of business at a meeting, and for the representative concerned to withdraw, if necessary, whilst the matter is considered.

In order to put this duty into practice, our Local Governing Body has established a register of pecuniary interests indicating, for all Governors, Staff and the Principal, any business interests. This includes, if appropriate, the company by whom they are employed, directorships, significant shareholdings or other appointments of influence within a business or other organisation which may have dealings with the school.

They include their own interest and those of any member of their immediate family or other individuals known to them who may exert influence. The register page is signed by the Representative/Staff Member. The register enables the Local Governing Body to demonstrate that in spending public money, they do not benefit personally from decisions that they make.

Name Who appointed them? Parent elected/ /DES & local governing board/ Staff elected Have they a business or pecuniary interest? Name of Organisation Other school post held and name of school Type of interest
Mrs Susan Houghton (Chair) Local Governing Board - Foundation No No No
Mr Juan Doblado Pavon * (Vice Chair) Local Governing Board - Foundation No No No
Mrs Ly Tran Local Governing Board - Foundation No St Augustine's School No
Mrs Pamela Shepherd Local Governing Board - Foundation No No No
Mr Anthony Oneogo Local Governing Board - Foundation No No Children in School
Ms O'Beirne Trustee Pecuniary interest Our Lady and St. Hubert's None

Attendance at Meetings 2021-22

Name Status Autumn 1 - 13/10/21 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Mrs Susan Houghton (Chair) Foundation Yes
Mr Juan Doblado Pavon * (Vice Chair) Foundation Yes
Mrs Ly Tran Foundation Yes
Mrs Pamela Shepherd Foundation Yes
Father Roger Peck Foundation Yes
Mr Anthony Onyeogo Foundation Yes
Ms O'Beirne Principal Yes


Name Status Date of Resignation Attendance 2020-2021
Mrs Maria Cori Parent Governor 14th October 2021 80%
Mrs Martine Law Parent Governor 13th October 2021 50%
Mrs Sarah Thompson Foundation Governor 13th October 2021 60%

Governor Vacancies


Financial Information About Emmaus Catholic Multi Academy Company

The following information can be found on the Emmaus Catholic Multi Academy Company website by following the link below:

  • Memorandum of Association
  • Governance structure
  • Scheme of delegation
  • Articles of Association
  • Local Governing Bodies
  • Director Information
  • Development Plan
  • Financial Information
  • Policies ,Notices ,Procedures and Statement

School's data on financial benchmarking:

Our Lady and St Hubert's Catholic Primary School - Schools Financial Benchmarking - GOV.UK (schools-financial-benchmarking.service.gov.uk)

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