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At Our Lady and St. Hubert’s (OLSH) we firmly believe that literacy, through both written and oral communication, is fundamental to educational progress, social integration, personal growth and to the development of literate citizens who have a love of literacy. We believe that it is the right of every child to become a competent and confident user of the English language, so that they are able to live, work and succeed in a literate world. We aim to equip our children with the skills, knowledge and experiences they need to use spoken and written language effectively. We want our
children to experience a wide range of both spoken and written English. Children with Special Educational Needs and those with English as an Additional Language will be given specialist support, which will enable them to access the language curriculum so that they can fulfil their unique potential and make the most of their God-given talents. EAL children’s expertise in their first language will also be valued and respected. Throughout their time in our school all
children will be supported and encouraged to fulfil and make the most of their individual God-given talents. Our mission statement underpins all that we do at OLSH and reflects our Christ centred values and principles: “At Our Lady and St. Hubert’s home school and parish work together as we grow and learn knowing that God is with us in all we do.”

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