“It is not about the answer you get, but the journey you took to get to the answer.”

At Our Lady and St Hubert’s we follow the C-P-A teaching approach (concretepictorial-abstract). This is to ensure mathematics is taught to mastery showing depth and understanding of concepts taught. Lessons taught should mainly follow the structure outlined below:

1. Explore: here’s a problem, explore first. Teacher observes children's conversations and begins assessing.
2. Structure: draw from children their ideas and methods and continue to assess. At this point you will teach methods new to them. Assessment should also be taking place here to identify more able learners and struggling learners.
3. Document: children should record methods in their maths book.
4. Guided practice: use of precise questions to practice using methods, so teacher can continue
to assess.
5. Practice: children to complete high quality questions with a purpose, independently or in
pairs/groups, but without teacher support (research says children must apply method more than once to retain it).
6. Apply – pupils should be given opportunities to apply the methods to problems and new
situations (deeper thinking questions).

Maths lessons should also:
 Encourage visualisation: can they see the number as an amount? Are they using number bonds
to picture groups?
 Encourage verbal communication: use ‘talk to your partner’ in every lesson (constructive
lessons have constructive conversation).
 Have concrete objects or other resources: concrete objects can support lower ability groups,
but also more able as they can investigate patterns using them.
 Start with an informal approach and move onto formal: allow children to explore methods
first then apply methods into a structure.

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