Online Safety

Children have more access than ever to the internet - through mobile phones, tablets, gaming, apps and social media. With this greater connectivity there are obvious advantages. We simply could not have got through the last year without websites and applications such as Seesaw, Zoom and Microsoft Teams. But for all the benefits that use of the internet can bring, there are obvious risks - particularly concerning our safety - in particular the safety of the youngest within our community.

How confident are you that you children are safe online?

This page has useful guidance and a number of links to websites and video clips that can help you and your family stay safe when using the internet. Our lessons within school will help children to understand the dangers associated with using the internet, but with your help, understanding and support, our children will be much more likely to put this into practice.    

Useful links

Click on the following links for more information:

Additional useful resources for parents and carers regarding online content.

CEOP - YouTube Channel

The videos below are a sample of the many videos on CEOP's YouTube Channel. Follow the link above to explore. 'Play like share' is a series of videos that explore how children can takle issues online in areas such as gaming, chatting and vlogging - helping children to identify risk, peer pressure and encourage positive behaviour online. 

Click above to view all episodes


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