Peace and Conflict

Through our Peace and Conflict theme, children will investigate some of the struggles people have faced (and are still facing), throughout history, including battles, invasions, human rights and significant adverse events. Children will learn about how people overcame these conflicts and the impact this has on us today - how can we learn from this event or the key people involved? In this unit, History will be the main driver in each year group, but there will be strong links with subjects such as Art, and Design and Technology and opportunities for children to revisit their place knowledge. Themes of Citizenship, Diversity and British Values will underpin the focus of each year group.

Catholic Social Teaching

Human Dignity, Solidarity and Peace and Reconciliation.

Children will develop their understanding that every human is created in the image of God and are worthy of great respect. They will explore how this is developed in society and how we treat each other. Children will explore how peace was developed in the past and how it is developed today. Children will understand that peace can only come about when we learn to treat each other as brothers and sisters and recognise our shared vocation as children of God. They will focus on how we value each other as God’s children, recognising that we are interdependent on fellow human beings.

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