Awards - July 2021

McNally Award

Awarded to Year 6 children - for contributing to the catholic ethos of our school

Aleksander For showcasing the virtues and values and being a role-model for others
Lilian For being a positive role-model for others by sharing her knowledge of her faith through not only her words, but also her actions.

Cerisa James Memorial Award

For attendance, good effort, punctuality, good behaviour and regular homework

Reception OL Nate For outstanding commitment to all areas of learning, both in school and at home throughout the year. Sienna For always showing great enthusiasm in compelting tasks. Sienna has been a great asset to the class with her lovely manners and caring attitude.
Reception SH Felix For always working hard and trying his best in everything that he does. He is a positive person and completes every task to the best of his ability. Amelia Amelia is the perfect role-model and will always strive to do her best in everything she does.
Year 1 OL Firee Growing in confidence throughout the year, to answer more questions and supporting his peers. Neave For being an outstanding role model to other children in class and working so hard to improve all areas of her work.
Year 1 SH Szymek For showing great enthusiasm in all areas of his learning and always being willing to share his knowledge and ideas with other children. Alaina For being a great example to others with her focus and determination in her work and for always taking pride in what she does.
Year 2 OL Corey For outstanding behaviour throughout the year and for always applying himself fully to both school and home learning. Sienna For dedicating herself fully to both home and school learning and for excellent behaviour throughout the year.
Year 2 SH Oscar For consistent dedication to all areas of learning, both in school and at home throughout the year. Abigail For outstanding commitment to all areas of learning, both in school and at home throughout the year.
Year 3 OL Anthony For outstanding commitment to every aspect of his learning, and for setting a fantastic example to those around him, at all times. Phoebe For being a fantastic role model to others in the class, through her fantastic commitment to learning and her exemplary behaviour.
Year 3 SH Dan S For the wonderful example he sets to others, through his commitment to learning, his dedication to the targtes set for him and his kind heart. Khivi For her exemplary behaviour and the outstanding effort she puts in to every piece of work she produces, both in school and at home.
Year 4 OL Josh For a sustained effort and excellent example of good character throughout the year. Laila A comitted learner who has shown perseverance and a love of learning and creativity at school and at home.
Year 4 SH Jason For being a great role model to the other children in class through his attitude to learning and his behaviour Beryl A dedicated learner who constantly strives for the highest standards in all that she does.
Year 5 OL Elion For his hard work and perseverence towards his learning, and for having a wonderful attitude when faced with challenges which has allowed him to make great improvements. Jiya For always having a positive attitude and a willingness to help those around her, setting a fine example to her peers. Jiya has been wonderfully dedicated towards her own personal and academic development and is always willing to go the extra mile, both in school and during home learning.
Year 5 SH Jasdeep For being caring and supportive towards those around him as well as working exceptionally hard in all lessons Amelie-May For arriving every day with a smile on her face and challenging herself in all lessons to be the best person that she can be
Year 6 Kien For his dedication towards his learning, both in school and at home, and for being a positive role-model for others. Poppy For being a positive role-model for others through her outstanding behaviour, attitude and determination in all areas of learning.

Writer of the Year

Reception OL Mohkam For showing excellent progress throughout the year and improving her writing skills by being able to extend her sentences independently.
Reception SH Rivah For excellent progress in her writing this year. She uses her phonic knowledge to sound out unfamiliar words and works hard on her presentation too.
Year 1 OL Edward For great improvement in his independent writing, thinking clear about his structure espeically when writing a narrative
Year 1 SH Ines For showing great progress throughout the year and pushing herself to use grammatical features she has learnt within her independent writing.
Year 2 OL Levi For working with greater independence, extending his sentences and improving his use of punctuation.
Year 2 SH Sarafina For a great improvement in her independent writing, her use of punctuation and especially her ideas.
Year 3 OL Isabella For her continued involvement during lessons, sharing the fantastic vocabulary she has gained from reading and for confidently using the language features taught throughout the year. Isabella's writing is always a great pleasure to read!
Year 3 SH Hannah J For her continued effort in handwriting and always including a range of writing techniques which makes her work a pleasure to read.
Year 4 OL Grace For always trying to apply new learning in her writing and for developing a beautifully engaging personal writing style over the year.
Year 4 SH Isabelle Isabelle always gives her best in each piece, paying attention to the technical aspects and her compositional techniques. I always enjoy reading her work.
Year 5 OL William For his continued development of taking time to consider the audience and the intended purpose of every piece of writing, as a result William's writing is a joy to read.
Year 5 SH Katie For challenging herself in each extended piece of writing she has produced this year to include all grammar features she has learnt. It has been a pleasure to read Katie's wonderful work
Year 6 Lauren For her willingness to respond to the teaching and apply the taught strategies in her writing, resulting in her confidence growing in this subject.

Mathematician of the Year

Reception OL Ava For necoming more independent in understanding and completing maths acitvities. Ava has flourished in her maths work and show great amounts of progress.
Reception SH Miguel For working hard when completing maths tasks, even when he finds the work challenging. His confidence in maths has grown throughout the year. Well done!
Year 1 OL Jack Showing incredible determination to improve his understanding in Maths and supporting others with their own.
Year 1 SH Ariona For growing in confidence to explain her understanding in lessons and complete challenges independently to show this.
Year 2 OL Freya For always applying herself fully to her work and becoming more independent when tackling mathematical challenges.
Year 2 SH Nathalia For becoming much more independent in applying her learning, and growing in confidence to share her ideas.
Year 3 OL Jacob H For his huge improvement in problem solving skills, including finding various different solutions to challenging questions.
Year 3 SH Raven For his valuable contributions in lessons and his determination and enthusiasm when completing a challenge.
Year 4 OL Arthur For always trying his best in maths lessons, even when things are difficult; showing character and persevering and being brave enough to contribute thoughts and answers to every maths lesson.
Year 4 SH Lexie For giving her best and always trying hard even when she find some aspects of maths tricky!
Year 5 OL Rhiannon For her attitude and continued commitment in all maths lessons, even when she has found some of the lesson difficult, she has never given up and has made great progress as a result.
Year 5 SH Kerting For always challenging himself in Maths to be the best mathematician he can be by following clear logical steps when answering his reasoning problems
Year 6 Oliver For applying taught strategies independently and being determined to complete challenges.

6Cs Award

Reception OL Ffion Character For always being an excellewnt role model to others and always willign to help others around her.
Reception SH Demi Citizenship For being a kind and caring person to her peers. She will always offer to help others and is there to help and support them when needed.
Year 1 OL Cortez Communication For improving his communication skills with other children within a group and working with a partner
Year 1 SH Eesa Collaboration For actively trying to work well with those around him and for trying to accomodate the needs of other children in acitvities he does.
Year 2 OL Elouise Character For consistently applying 100% effort to all her learning.
Year 2 SH Joshua G Citizenship For showing a great awareness of the world and understanding his role in protecting it.
Year 3 OL Olivia Character For showing fantastic resilience through this unusual year and not giving up when faced with a challenge. Olivia's dedication to her home learning was exemplary and she should be so proud of everything she achieved.
Year 3 SH Elijah Collaboration Elijah has worked hard on all of the 6Cs this year, but he particularly stands out when working in a group. He listens to his group members, suggests ideas sensitively and always inspired others to do their best.
Year 4 OL Olivia Character For persevering with her learning in a difficult year. Olivia has shown determination to get better by reflecting on her own learning and striving to keep improving.
Year 4 SH Theo Citizenship For thinking about the world and ways to protect all of the creatures that inhabit it.
Year 5 OL Francesca Character For showing great tenacity when faced with a challenge and continuing to persevere, showing her growth mindset.
Year 5 SH Chloe Communication Chloe has communicated effectively with her group in all tasks completed this year as she is a good listener, a caring member and helps her group to reach a clear end goal
Year 6 Busayo Character For her determination to improve her learning and showing resilience when she faces challenges. Well done for always applying your best to all tasks.
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